First Approach Course of Enduro and defence driving. Have you always dreamed of taking your two wheels beyond the asphalt?
Do you want to increase your confidence in driving through city traffic?
Here is your chance to do just that!

Beyond the Asphalt is a riding course where you will learn the secrets of off road motorcycle riding and how to tackle paved roads in complete confidence, having fun and learning at the same time.

Beyond the Asphalt is a riding course where you will learn the secrets of off road motorcycle riding and how to tackle paved roads in complete confidence, having fun and learning at the same time. The motorcycle is both fun and a pleasure when the pilot has the vehicle and riding dynamics completely under control. Thanks to the collaboration of a specialised team, led by Salvtore Parisi*, Tourent Libermoto, is offering a training course in motorcycle-riding to both beginners and more expert riders. The qualifications of the instructors and their experience guarantee you maximum quality and security.
The knowledge of the basic principles of endure riding, the correct position of the body, the feet, knowing what to look for and where, all serve to help you understand how to face outings on mixed terrains: muddy, sandy, gravel, rocky or just plain unpaved.

The increased awareness of the dangers and unexpected events that riding involves, together with an analysis of other users’ most common behaviour, – but also one’s own – will enable you to foresee irrational, incoherent actions which are dangerous for our own safety and that of others.
You can tackle the course with your own motorcycle or hire one from a range of BMW GS endure motorcycles


A one day course on Saturdays.
It will begin with a detailed study of the prominent dynamic/technical features of the motorcycle and will continue with a theoretical analysis of endure and ‘defence riding’. The rest of the morning and the afternoon will be spent on riding exercises immersed in nature where the pilot will test his metal on dirt roads, and overcoming various obstacles.

The splendid holiday farm of “Mandriacce”, surrounded by hectares of woodland is the venue for the course. It is situated at the foot of the Apennines, north of Rome. In the park, there are specific areas reserved for riding exercises. The Centre offers classrooms for the lessons and an area for social moments like coffee break and lunch, during which you can taste typical local products, (alcoholic drinks excluded).

Clothing and gear
The course is structured in such a way that all you need is what you would use on a normal bike ride.
You will need: Helmet and gloves, padded riding jacket, trousers with padded knees, heavy-soled boots (we suggest technical biker boots), waterproof clothing in case of rain.
You do not need any specific off-road clothing or tyres.

  • Qualified instructors who will take you through each phase of the course
  • The right balance of theory and practice
    If we don’t know how our motorcycles are made, it will be hard to control our movements both on and off road, and at the same time, by practising in the saddle, we will really understand how to overcome obstacles.
  • Defence riding
    What is defence riding? It’s what allows you to stay upright in traffic, to foresee the behaviour of drivers… knowing the basics means riding your bike safely.
  • The possibility to hire a modern road endure for the course.
    So, you haven’t got an enduro? No problem! We have a whole range of BMW GS available, from 650 to 1200. Every motorcycle has different features, height, weight, and power; together we will find the perfect bike for you to use during the course.
  • Off road outings.
    Days in the saddle where you can show what you have learned during the course, enjoy yourself in the company of your new friends and see fantastic places

8.30 - WE BEGIN! We meet at the holiday farm “Le Mandriacce” in Ponzano Romano, (RM) , welcome with coffee and get to know the participants and the instructors.
9.00 - GETTING TO KNOW THE MOTORCYCLE (1hour): a general idea of the framework features and the dynamics of the motorcycle, (wheelbase, centre of gravity, front wheel trail, suspension and tyres.
10.00 - DEFENCE RIDING (1 hour): the important aspects of “defence” (observe – evaluate – ride) and their importance in defence riding.
PRACTICE IN THE RESERVED AREA (2 hours): correct position on the motorcycle (sitting and standing), body movements, trajectory and braking.
13:00 - Lunch (1hour)
14.00 - OFF ROAD RIDING (2.30 hours) putting into practice the techniques acquired and introduction to the dirt road.
* the possibility to take part in the excursion the following day, dinner and overnight stay at “Le Mandriacce”
Admission Fee:
Beyond the asphalt Course (1 day): 240 Discount of 190 € introductory offer.

Motorcycle rental:
Tourent offers the participants a full range of BMW GS
BMW F650 GS (70€); BMW F700 GS (80€); BMW F 800 GS (100€); BMW 1200 GS (120€)

Course calendar:
Courses are held throughout the year, whenever we reach the minimum number of participants

Number of participants: four

* Who is Salvatore Parisi:
Salvatore Parisi, Instructor, is’ one of the founding members of the “Driving Project ASD” , an association of qualified driver/instructors whose objective is to offer qualified expertise and professionalism in the world of on/off road instruction both for vehicles and motorcycles. Born in 1967, during the 1990’s he raced with the sports group of the Fiamme Oro and has always been connected to the world of talon off road motorcycle wheels. Today he is the ““guidaSicura” (SafeRiding)” instructor at the ACI Centre of Vallelunga “and "Senior Istructor LandRover Experience” for Land/Rover Italia.

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