Self Guided Tours

Rent a BMW motorcycle and travel with Tourent's "Self Guided Tours"

Self Guided Tours Italia (self guided trips) are a special alternative to Guided Tours (accompanied trips), meant for those who love to travel freely and independently, without having to take into account the logistic aspects of travelling. Self Guided Tours are specially designed for Tourent and can be booked by renting one of our BMW motorcycles. They include a rented motorcycle, accommodation at the best 3 and 4 star hotels of the area – always including big breakfasts and parking – and daily itineraries designed for bikers with practical and tourist information.
You are given two ideal options for bikers for each daily stop, specifically designed by our trusted tour operator: a “more specific guided” one and one that plans more stops in local tourist places of the area, both will take you on the best scenic roads for bikers.
Time length, kilometers of each stop and all the tourist places are noted down in a bound Book Map. Furthermore, all routes are memorized in the GPS that comes with your rented motorcycle, so all you need to do is to sit on your bike and enjoy your trip. Departure and arrivals are designed to start from and end at our operational headquarters Tourent Roma Centro.

What they include:

  • BMW motorcycle rental (prices vary on motorcycle models)
  • Two night vouchers for 3 or 4 star hotels, breakfast included
  • Bikers aimed itineraries
  • Two alternative options
  • Book map of the chosen tour
  • GPS with the motorcycle (set on the chosen tour)
  • Assistance

Extra services:

  • ALLIANZ insurance covering medial fees and luggage
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Group discount

Ask for an estimate for a 3-day BMW motorcycle rental to travel with and chose your EXTRA SELF GUIDED TOUR: discover the deal!

Campo Imperatore – Abruzzo 3gg
Un itinerario di 3 giorni alla scoperta dell’Appennino e dei parchi naturali dell’Abruzzo. Alte montagne, boschi, paesaggi lunari, castelli e cittadine cariche di storia…ci sono tutti gli ingredienti per conquistare il cuore di ogni motociclista!
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Costiera Amalfitana – Pompei 3 day
From the Amalfi coast to unique Pompeii, a great 3-day trip that offers you the perfect mix of nature, archaeology, worldliness and thought.
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Chianti – Siena – Tuscany 3 days
Tuscany, a region of many faces, is the perfect summary of Italian beauty: art cities and perfectly preserved villages, delicious delicacies and postcard-like landscapes.
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Assisi – Spoleto – Umbria 3 day
Umbria is a biker’s dream, fantastic roads, food and wine fit for a king, art and culture.. what more could you ask for a weekend on your bike?
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