Form an integral part of the rental agreement


G) General Rental Conditions–RENTAL REQUIREMENTS

Art. 1
The Client and each driver (second driver) authorized to drive the motor vehicle subject of the lease, must comply
with the conditions required by TOURENT®. Each driver (client and second driver) of the vehicle commits himself not to
supply false information about their personal details, age, address, fax number and/ore-mail, payment methods (financial
credit cards, bank transfers, check, etc). Furthermore they guarantee the existence of the law requirements and the ones
required by TOURENT® in the rental agreement for the driving qualification and expressly free TOURENT® from any
detrimental consequence that might derive from the latter, in case of mendacious statements. As required by law, the
Client’s domicile is the one stated by him in the Agreement.

Art. 2 –Prices and terms of payment
TOURENT® prices include VAT and can be found in the TOURENT® price list
shown in the Agency office and on the website. TOURENT® price list indicates the amount of standard
rates, special offers, safety deposit, accessories, services of discretionary deposits, possible kilometric rate and
penalties. The payment for the rental can be made by financial Credit Cards, upon specific authorization issued by the
related institute, or by Cash/Bankcard/Bank transfer, upon specific authorization issued by TOURENT®. For the
rentals of less than 30 days, the payment will have to be made at the expiration of the estimated term for the return of the
motor vehicle. For the rental period of more than 30 days, the payment will have to be made each 30 days and, in case
of early return of the vehicle, at the moment of return . At the moment of reservation on the TOURENT® website, you
will have to deposit an amount equal to 30% of the cost of the reserved service, as collateral. The payment of the
reservation can be made by Credit Card or PayPal directly on-line through the TOURENT® booking system. As an
alternative to the on-line system, you can pay the reservation by Cash, Bank card or Bank transfer upon notification to
the TOURENT® Client Support Centre.

Art. 3 –Variation of the rental period
The variation of the rental period can be made for free within72 hours before
the rental start date. The Client will have to notify to the TOURENT® Client Support Centre his need to modify the
rental period. The rental period that you wish to modify can beenjoyedwithin12 months starting from the day of the
communication of variation and c renewed for a second time. TOURENT® Client Support Centre will modify the chosen
period according to the client’s new needs and to the availability of the vehicles in the same period, by holding the
amount already paid by the client in order to renew the reservation guarantee for the new period.

Art. 4-Cancellation of the reservation
If you don’t want to modify the rental period but you want to cancel a reservation
you have to get in touch with the TOURENT® Client Support Centre. If you will notify the cancellation to the
TOURENT® Client Support Centre within 72 hours before the beginning of the reserved period, TOURENT® will hold
50% of the amount already paid as are fund of the technical and administrative expenses and will pay back the client
the residual 50%. If you will communicate the cancellation after the deadline of 72 hours before the beginning of the
reserved period, TOURENT® will hold the entire deposit (cancellation without refund).The possible refund will be
made by TOURENT®, upon verification of the required terms, only via bank transfer, on the current account specified by
the client.

Art. 5-Delayed payment and deposit
In the event of delayed payment of the amounts owed for any reason, a price
increase, equal to the annual rate of interest applicable in that moment, will be implemented for the corresponding
period, as stated by the European Bank (Euribor), increased by three percentage points. All the deposits made by the
client to TOURENT® are always considered as “unproductive deposits”.


Art. 6-R.C. (Civil Liability Insurance)
All the TOURENT® motor vehicles are covered by the R.C. insurancein
accordance with the applicable laws. The motor vehicle R.C. guarantees the insurance coverage of the Civil Liability
towards third parties in reference to people, things (excluding those carried) and animals in the places listed in the “green
card” attached to the insurance policy. The unique total maximum price is indicated in the Rental Agreement and is in
any case equal or superior to the one prescribed by the Italian law and in the terms set forth in the insurance policies.

Art. 7- Additional coverage
TOURENT® has decided to include into the cost of rental some particular insurance
policies otherwise unusable by the client. The TOURENT® CARE PROTECTION (P.T.C.) is a coverage package
organized to guarantee the maximum support by the Insurance Company through which TOURENT® insure his vehicles,
and its partners; the P.T.C. includes:
·Roadside Assistance–refund for: Roadside rescue, Breakdown service, Hotel expenses
·PAI Injury Protection-(PAI) Injury Protection for the Driver
TOURENT® from any liability linked to the services offered by the Insurance Company through which TOURENT®
insure its vehicles.


Art. 8
The Client commits himself to personally drive or use the vehicle and not to let third parties, for free or upon
payment, for no reason to use the vehicle, in particular he will do his best so that the motorcycle will not be used :
a. Outside the Italian territory, if not specifically authorized by the TOURENT® Client Support Centre;
b. For the transportation of people or things upon payment;
c. To push or drag things, other vehicles or trailers;
d. Under the effect of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, intoxicants or other substances, including medications that might
affect the ability to drive;
e. In races, challenges, competitions or speed tests and off road trails;
f. For a purpose contrary to law;
g. For the circulate on in forbidden and limited access areas;
h. By someone not indicated as Second Driver on the rental letter;
i. By someoneunder25 years old, if not specifically authorized by the TOURENT® Client Support Centre;
j. By someone without driving license obtained at least24 months before, if not specifically authorized by the
TOURENT® Client Support Centre;
k. To give driving lessons or to practice driving.
Furthermore the Client commits himself:
l. To drive the vehicle with the maximum care and in accordance with all the laws, by wearing and making the
passenger wear the appropriate clothing and the homologated helmet.
m. Not to abandon the vehicle and to safeguard it, along with the provided equipment, with the maximum care by
securing it, if left unattended, with steering lock, provided lock off devices, electronic anti-theft alarm system
n. To make sure that, according to the directions included in the art. 17, the mechanism, the lubrication and the
gear and brake motor oil are in the right conditions to guarantee the vehicle operation and security during the
rental period; to carefully and prudently use the motor vehicle and not to subject it to high speed and
continuous strain.
The Client’s failure to comply with the agreement clauses referred to in letters a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) of
this article, are considered as neglect, willful misconduct or gross negligence in case of events linked to the
“Compensation for Damages” set forth in letter D) of this agreement, forcing from now the Client to totally indemnify
the value of the vehicle in the manner provided by the present agreement.


Art. 9
The daily cost of the rented vehicles refers to a period of 24 hours. The Client commits himself to pick up and
return the motor vehicle rented in the established location by the day and within the hour specified during the reservation
and to do his best to promptly communicate to the landlord any possible delay that will be in any case calculated as
rental period. Except for different later agreements with the TOURENT® Client Support Centre, if the vehicle is not
picked up within the day and hour established during the reservation, TOURENT® will apply the conditions set forth in
the article 4 (cancellation without refund). If the vehicle is returned beyond the time specified during the reservation,
the Client will have to pay the subsequent rental day according to the TOURENT® price list standard. The Client, at his
own discretion, will decide to purchase the “Time Extension Surcharge” SEO indicated in the TOURENT® price list
which allows him to return the vehicle up to1 hour and 59 minutes after the time specified during the reservation; if the
Client does not show up in this lapse of time, he will be anyway charged for the surcharge purchase and for the
subsequent rental day anyway. The Client, at his own discretion, will decide to ask TOURENT®, during the rental period,
for an extension of the same rental period. On the other hand, TOURENT®, at its own discretion, will decide to accept or
not the request according to the availability of the vehicle for the requested period. In case of lack of authorization and
return beyond the specified time, the Client authorizes TOURENT® to recover the vehicle in any location and at any
time, and will indemnify the latter for the recovery costs. The Client will do his best to return the vehicle shipshape and in
the same conditions found at the time of rental. Possible damages of the motor vehicle visible or registered by the Client
will be noticed at the time of return and the related refurbishment cost owed by the Client will be evaluated in the
presence of the same Client. TOURENT® reserves the right to notify possible damages of the mean, not visible straight
away and to ask for the related compensation within 15 days from the vehicles return date. At the moment of return the
Client must verify jointly with the Agency staff the conditions of the vehicle, making sure and signing possible differences
compared to what stated in the rental letter. In case of non-joint assessment for reasons attributable to the Client,
this person authorizes TOURENT® to charge him the cost of possible damages found on the vehicle. The charge
will be made in the manner provided by the present agreement.


Art. 10
The Client by picking up the vehicle, after the signing of the rental agreement and the specific approval of this
general conditions declares, furthermore, to have verified that the vehicle is well maintained and suitable for the agreed
use. The Client acknowledges not to be holder of any real right on the rented vehicle and the provided accessories and,
therefore, not to have it at his disposal in any way. The Client acknowledges that he is directly responsible for any
damage arising from the use and/or custody of the rented vehicle, even if the vehicle is used against his will, and
commits himself to indemnify TOURENT® from any third parties claims, to the extend and conditions set out. More over
the Client commits himself to:
a. immediately and directly pay any possible violation of the Highway Code notified during the rental period, by
providing TOURENT® with the related statement of payment and, in case of further notification, after the return
of the vehicle, he commits himself to pay the penalty at least 7 days before the expiration date of the period, by
providing the landlord with the related receipt. In the event of failure, he will refund TOURENT® the related
amount, as well as any additional penalties accrued and the administrative procedures costs, even beyond the
security deposit already paid;
b. to refund TOURENT®, upon invoice presentation, any expenses, including legal fees, that TOURENT® itself
incurs to obtain by the Client the fulfillment of the monetary obligations due for the violation of the Highway
Code; The Client accepts from now to be charged for those amounts, increased with the incidental legal
expenses, on his credit card or in the other forms agreed in the Rental Agreement;
c. to free TOURENT® from any third party claim and/or request due to the nonpayment of the services, damages
to themselves and/or their property related to this rental;
d. to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it was at the beginning of the rental. Alternatively, if the
Client will not refuel the vehicle, TOURENT® will charge the Client the cost of the Service(SRC) as stated in the
TOURENT® price list, and the missing fuel.
e. to immediately inform TOURENT® of any problem related to the rented mean and to follow the instructions
provided by TOURENT® in relation to the events of custody, vehicle fixing up or forced return.


Art. 11
In case of lossor theft of key and/or plate of the rented vehicle the Client commits himself to immediately
report the event to the Competent Authority and to deliver TOURENT® the original complaint. For the restitution or the
sending of the second key and/or there make of the plate, the Client must pay the cost incurred by TOURENT. The rental
rate is also due for the days of non use of the vehicle.
In case of loss of the rented vehicle’s key and if the Client fails to deliver TOURENT® the original complaint, this person,
having expired the date of return of the vehicle specified on the rental letter, as required by law, will recover the vehicle,
and the Client will have to refund all the expenses incurred to recover the vehicle, even the ones related to the payment
of the rental rate (calculated until the date of the actual recovery of the vehicle), and to refund the expenses for the
replacement of the key.


Art. 12

In case of seizure/confiscation of the motorcycle by the Judicial Authority for reasons attributable to the Client,
TOURENT® will charge the same Client the daily rental cost calculated under this agreement, until the release of the
vehicle, even beyond the safety deposit already paid, set forth in letter E).If the total amount is equal to the vehicle
market value, plus the expenses for the transfer of ownership, calculated on the expiration of the agreed rental period,
TOURENT® after having received the full payment, will transfer the owner ship of the seized/confiscated mean to the
Client. The occurrence of what stated in this article obliges the Client to fully refund the value of the vehicle in
the manner provided by the present agreement.


Art. 13

In case of accident, the Client commits himself to protect TOURENT® and its Insurance Company interests and
tie himself to:
a. Notify TOURENT® by telephone, even in case of light damages, not beyond the 24-hours deadline, and to send
the CAI form (accident verification form)(to be found in the motorcycle) filled out together with the counterparty,
orto deliver it along with the return of the vehicle, if within 24 hours after the event, in order to let TOURENT®
manage the accident under the terms set forth in articles 1913 and 1915 of the Civil Code;
b. To write down the parties or witnesses names and the contact numbers, including telephone numbers;
c. To immediately contact the nearest Police Authority, if verifications for third parties are needed or in the
presence of injured people;
d. Not to make statements of liability if not sure about the accident;
e. To give TOURENT® and the Police Authority any other useful information.
In case of costs arising from a claim for damages made by third parties for which TOURENT® is unable to provide a
documentation for the defense, such costs will be charged in full to the Client.


In case of technical breakdown of the rented vehicle not ascribable to the Client, that could impede the use of
the mean, TOURENT®, whether possible, will replace the vehicle with another one of the same category. If this is
impossible, at the discretion of TOURENT®, the unused portion of the rental period will be refunded to the Client, where
prepaid. Each tire puncture must be repaired by the Client who will afford all the related expenses, moreover, the Client
MUST POINT OUT such event at the time of return of the rented vehicle. The Client, in case of ignition of a warning
light in the motorcycle dashboard, must stop, turn off the engine, disconnect the ignition panel and immediately notify the
event to the TOURENT® Client Support Centre. In case of vehicle breakdowns during the rental period in Countries
not specified in this Rental Agreement, the Client, as a penalty, will have to refund all the direct and indirect
expenses required for the transportation of the vehicle to the TOURENT® reference agency, in the manner provided by
the present agreement.


In any case of total or partial theft, the Client must immediately make regular report to the competent Authorities,
and deliver the related original notification within 48 hours from the report, along with the vehicle keys, to the
TOURENT® agency, where the vehicle has been rented, and to effectively collaborate with the latter to manage the
judicial proceeding. It being understood what earlier provided for in the area of notices and complaints, any limitation or
exclusion of liability is no longer effective, charging the entire value of the vehicle or amount of damage to the Client
in the manner provided by the present agreement, in the event of:
-total theft with non-return of the vehicle keys;
-failure to comply with the provisions of the article 8 by the Client or the Second Driver.



In case of unavailability of the vehicle specifically reserved, TOURENT® can replace the latter with an equivalent
one present in the fleet. TOURENT® commits itself to refund the prepayment made by the Client if there is no available
mean in the fleet . In this case TOURENT® will also pay back to the Client an increase of the same refund equal to 30%,
or will have the discretion to, in agreement with the Client, to convert the amount paid (reservation payment + 30%) in
vouchers to be used for a rental within 12 months from the reservation date. Within the limits set forth by the
applicable law, TOURENT® cannot be held liable, and the CLIENT waives any claim against him, for any damage
suffered by him or third parties arising from the use of the rented vehicle, loss or damages of Client’s personal goods left
in the vehicle, for damages or problems arising from delay in the return of the rented mean or breakdowns, accidents and
any other reason not attributable to TOURENT®. Further more, TOURENT® cannot be held liable for the services not
directly provided by him, that is, provided by other companies, involving the provision of food, lodging, NCC
transportation (Hire with Driver), ticket office for the entrance in archaeological/cultural/environmental locations,
impracticality of roads and highways, inability to refuel the vehicle, inability to fix the mean by an appropriate mechanic’s
workshop. It being understood the liability of the motor vehicle manufacturer or “mother house” for manufacturing
defects, TOURENT® will do its best to main in the efficiency of the motor vehicle. In case of motor vehicle breakdowns
during the rental period, TOURENT® will not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Client or arising from
the afore mentioned breakdowns.


Art. 17
TOURENT® motorcycles have been serviced by the manufacturers according to their maintenance program.
TOURENT® staff always check the condition of the motorcycle before the delivery and ensure correct levels of motor oil,
transmission and gearbox, grease and tighten the drive chain (if any) and check tire pressure. The engine, gearbox and
transmission oils for motorcycles with card an drive are and must be replaced each 10,000 km. The Client must check,
during the rental period, that secondary transmission greasing (chain, crown, pinion), lubrication and engine, gearbox
and brake oils are in the right conditions to guarantee the vehicle’s efficient performance and safety. The gearbox and
transmission oil of the TOURENT® motorcycles, usually do not need any addition or leveling, apart from the ones made
during the servicing, so they don’t need any particular rest; on the other hand the engine oil must be checked (by sight
or dipstick control, depending on the rented motorcycle) each 600/800 Km, with the motorcycle in a vertical position, on
level ground and after the cooling-off (about 10 minutes after turning off). Usually, between the minimum and the
maximum level of the engine oil there is a difference of 300/500 grams depending on the type of motorcycle and the
engine size. If you are driving a motorcycle with chain drive, it must be lubricated and/or tightened each 600/800
Km. The motorcycles, if not already, must be warmed up for at least 40/60 seconds at the moment of ignition, then you
can start to drive slowly until it reaches the operating temperature (3/4 minutes) showed by the temperature gauge.
TOURENT® cannot be held responsible for damages arising from the Client’s failure to comply with the
obligation of diligence in maintaining and driving of the motor vehicle, on the contrary, if it happens will be
considered negligence. If you plan to cover a lot of kilometers during the rental period you have to notify it to
the TOURENT® staff at the time of vehicle pickup, they will provide you for free with 1 kg of engine oil suitable for the
type of motorcycle, lubricant for transmission chains (if with transmission chain) and with the correct simple instructions
for the interventions.


Art. 18
This rental agreement is governed by Italian law. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with the
validity, interpretation, execution or termination of this Agreement, the authority in charge will be the Court of Rome. The
agreements in a language different from Italian are nothing more than a mere translation of the original Italian

Art. 19
No changes can be made to this Conditions without the written consent of a TOURENT® representative.

Art. 20
The invalidity of any provision of this agreement shall not affect the validity of the agreement itself.

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