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Campo Imperatore – Abruzzo 3gg

  • Duration: Duration: 3 days / 2 nights - 740 Km
  • DepartureRome, any date
  • Arrival: Rome
  • TitleAbruzzo, the pleasure of discovery
  • Tour price: 360 € double room (eg: 665 € with motorcycle BMW F 650 GS, HELMETS, BAGS,GPS)
  • Recommended period: From April to September
  • Highlights: Mountain views and natural parks, beautiful fun roads

General description of the tour:

A 3 day tour for the discovery of the Apennines and the natural parks of Abruzzo.
High mountains, woods, moon landscapes, castles e villages full of history...the best ingredients to charm every biker's heart.
This is a very peculiar/particular itinerary, quite different from the more frequent tourist routes.
This is a very peculiar/particular itinerary, quite different from the more frequent tourist routes. You will feel the pleasure of discovery again, on the roads of Abruzzo: the exploration of pure, wild nature, getting to know the people you will encounter on the trip, the feelings that it will arouse in you!
Leaving Rome you will ride to the most authentic and pure part of Italy. You will explore those parts of the country which are not published on the shiny fronts of glamour magazines, yet still hold the true essence of our traditions.

Day 1 Travel: Rome - Tivoli - Subiaco - Avezzano – Sulmona

Description of the day:

Once you have picked up the BMW motorcycle you have rented from the home base of Tourent, you will leave Rome and its busy roads, firmly riding toward east, where you can see the mountains in the distance.
The magnificent roads of the Simbruini montains are merely a first taste of the views you will see in the next few days. But wait, if you're into Roman history, a first stop in Tivoli is a must, to visit Villa Adriana and the many archaeological treasures -which keep our ancestors still alive today.
If not, Subiaco and the grand Monastery of Saint Bernard will be the perfect stop before adventuring into the Apennines. The road, scenic and fun, goes uphill alternating between woods and big open spaces up to Sulmona, a beautiful town where you will sleep the first night.

Total: 230 km, approximately 5 h on the motorcycle.

Day 2 Travel: Sulmona Rocca di Mezzo – L’Aquila – Campo Imperatore – Sulmona

Description of the day:

The itinerary of day 2 sees you leaving and returning to Sulmona. Throughout the trip, you will ride on many mountain roads, some narrow and winding, other freer, all having in common the feeling of awe that they'll leave you with thanks to all the new and hidden interesting views.

Postcard of the day? No doubt about it, Campo Imperatore, a location considered to be a must for all two-wheels travellers. The “Little Tibet” always leaves you in awe, and once you reach it – at an altitude of 2.148 meters- you will feel you are king of the world.
The itinerary then takes us to visit various villages in the area, like Castelvecchio Calvisio, Castel del Monte, S. Stefano di Sessanio, all being of medieval origins, but each strongly attached to their own unique roots and traditions.
The beauty of Rocca Calascio, one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, will suddenly take you to distant places in time, allowing you to experience feelings that will stay with you long after you return.

Total: 250 km, approximately 4/5 h on the motorcycle.
What to see Campo Imperatore, Gran Sasso, th medieval villages all around the montain, ithe castle of Rocca Calascio, Sulmona

Day 3 Travel: Sulmona - Roccaraso – Civitella Alfedena – Fiuggi – Anagni – Rome

Description of the day:

You will leave Sulmona and go to the National Park of Abruzzo, the best place for those who love nature. Turn after turn, you will see an ever-changing landscape, with incredible natural views, where fauna and vegetation appear in a no-break continuous spectacle.
If you feel like resting on the way, you'll be surrounded by choices: ancient villages, full of history and traditions, or lakes so pure and clear it makes a fine place where to rest a little bit from all the travelling.
Before heading back to Rome, there's still some time left for a last coffee in Anagni, the City of Popes, which proudly shows its evidence of past glory.

Total: 260 km, approximately 5/6 on the motorcycle.

What to see National Park of Abruzzo, Anagni

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