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Preparation courses enduro in Italy Center

The Enduro is a discipline that requires great physical preparation, great strength and great skill in steering the bike, and if carried out as a hobby that does not.
The medium enduro is generally devoid of fairing, has windshield supplied and paramani size and quality aimed at preserving the pilot from the natural elements (mud, water, stones, earth) both during driving than in the slide, also enabled to road traffic . To this must comply with the rules of the highway code in terms of lights approvals, unloading and tires, but finds its ideal terrain of expression in dirt and mule, also very steep and seemingly impossible to go and to cross.
Who wants to practice this discipline must have adequate physical preparation, Surely carry more than one course of one or two days and then .... do lots and lots of practice.
the practice off road in recent years has fascinated many bikers: many of them with the idea of ​​playing a day of adventure, a bit of dirt or some dune, have invested 10 to 20 thousand euro to buy a beautiful BMW Gelande Strasse (GS), only to realize, perhaps, that a BMW 1200 GS 250 kilograms, not are unable to move safely on a stretch of sand, even at the entrance to a bathing establishment.
Thus there is a profound difference between practicing sport enduro and learn to extricate themselves in 'Off Road, a stretch of dirt road during trip out of town or on the sand during a vacation.
Below we list some of Off Road found on the web courses.

Tourent e l’enduro
The possibility that the Italian Center offers are many, because, considering the peninsula stretch from the southern part of Tuscany until the end of Lazio, ricomprendendo Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo, geography favors just off the road, as the unpaved areas and woodlands are many.
The approach to enduro courses, for which we at Tourent rely on the RunXFun motorcycle club, are divided into several levels, you always access from the basic level and then be redirected to the level most suited to your abilities, at the end of each day of During the course, a certificate of participation will be issued, in addition, educational outings in Upper Lazio are organized during the week and excursions with a personal trainer are organized by appointment.

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