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Cote D’Azur and Provence

  • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
  • Departure: Rome, June 9th 2017 – 10.00 hours (alternatively July 22nd)
  • Arrival: Rome, June 18th – 18.00 hours (alternatively July 31st)
  • Title: Cote d’Azur and Provence, A Triumph of Colours
    • 2.799 € per pilot only in single room (with motorcycle BMW F 650 GS, HELMETS, BAGS, GPS)
    • 2499 € per person per pilot only in double room sharing with passenger or other participant (with motorcycle BMW F 650 GS, HELMETS, BAGS, GPS)
    • 1.479 € per passenger in double room (with motorcycle BMW F 650 GS, HELMETS, BAGS, GPS)
    • 100€ reduction or early booking, before May 21st.
  • Highlights: Both mountain and coastal landscapes, lavender fields in bloom, medieval villages, the ‘Gole di Verdon’, beautiful fun roads.
  • Total distance: Between 2,700 and 3,000 km
  • Driving commitment: Medium, approximately 4 to 5 hours riding, between 150 and 300 km per day (excluding transfers of first and final days)

General description:

Land of painters and poets, of aromas and perfumes, along the magnificent roads of the Cote d’Azur and Provence, it all seems different from what we previously thought, in short - alive

Travelling by motorcycle is a unique experience, you can capture the essence of the places you go through, enjoy the smells, admire the details; travelling with Libermoto and Tourent allows you to do all the above in total relax, riding a brand new rented motorbike with a biker guide who will accompany you throughout the trip.
Want an idea of what you’ll see during the trip?

We will travel through worldly towns along the coast and steep narrow roads with deep ravines excavated in the rocks, we’ll drive through fields of lavender in bloom, we’ll discover beaches, bays with crystalline waters and turquoise lakes, splendid medieval cities and towns, perfectly preserved.

We will alternate nature with city life, lively little towns with the peace of natural parks, travelling through an itinerary designed especially for motorcyclists: dream roads with post-card views will be with you all the way.
The fun begins as soon as we cross over the French border, perhaps it will be the foreign atmosphere or that bubbly sensation at the beginning of a holiday, what’s sure is that as soon as you glimpse the sea, your heart will open and you’ll be smiling inside your helmet!

Yes, keep these words in mind because that smile will stay with you right through the trip! Flashes of the coast, enchanting medieval villages and exciting bends, will all make you smile even more!

Even before arriving in Nice you will have a wonderful appetizer of what will give you the journey: low, or haute moyenne corniche, which do you choose?
Three amazing roads will open the curtain on the Cote d’Azur. Nice, with its sizzling night-life, the Promenade des Anglais and the intricate old town, is a pearl to be visited and experienced without haste.

Our sparkling two-wheeled steed is there waiting for you, the sun is shining, the temperature inviting as we head south on the coast road.
Where do we start? The options are myriad! Antibes with its market, Saint Paul de Vence and its thousand artists, Cannes with the chic festival atmosphere or the rugged but beautiful Massif de l’Esterel?

The following day will be no less important, you can go for a walk along the elegant beaches of Saint Tropez, immerse yourself in the nature of the Porquerolles, rigorously on foot or by bicycle, or see your reflection in the crystalline waters of the Callanques.
It’s your choice – but save some energy, the vibrant atmosphere of Marseilles will need all the attention you can give it!

Did they tell you that Provence and Cote d’Azur are not only sea and sparkling beaches?
They were right and soon we’ll discover another facet of this splendid region…but first we still have a very special corner of the coast to visit, an immense park of wild uncontaminated nature, La Camargue.

Pink flamingos, cattle and horses living wild, travelling through this land bordering the sea is like going back in time, so slow down, immerse yourself in nature and observe the details, these are what makes Camargue so special.
Now it’s time to leave the coast behind and point north to continue this journey “through time”.

First stop, Aix-en-Provence and its Provencal market, the quintessence of the region, fruit, vegetables, cheese and charcuterie, a triumph of colours and aromas but also a faithful portrait of local life
As the day comes to an end, just as the medieval knight before you, you will have to reach your destination: in the distance you will glimpse a city wall, a magnificent palace and a series of rich historical monuments. We are arriving in Avignon, the city of popes, a walk along the Rhone will let us live again the pomp and splendour of the radiant past when the whole city revolved around the Papal See.

The alarm rings and suddenly you are back to today…end of the dream?
Not at all! The first few kilometres will go quietly, but don’t be side-tracked, you’ll begin to glimpse a tuft of lavender here and there. Grab your camera and get ready for many stops, at every bend in the road perfect post-card pictures will materialise before your eyes!

The soft hills with their sheltered villages of the Luberon will leave room for the coloured fields of the Valensole plateau. Travelling through them on a motorcycle is an unrivalled sight, the perfume, the colour and the never-ending rows will offer you indescribable emotions and your trip will present you with yet another magnificent surprise.

The scenery changes again and before you know it, you are surrounded by green and rocky peaks. We have entered the Parc National du Verdon, and soon we will meet the river and its canyons. For thousands of years, the Verdon has excavated the biggest canyon in Europe and it is possible to admire this marvel of nature driving along the edges of the “gorges”.

Close your eyes and imagine what it is like to travel along the Corniche Sublime (the name says it all!) sitting on your motorbike. And if this sensation is not enough for you, why not try the highest bungee jump in Europe!

Now, have a nice break, put away your camera and fasten your helmet, you’re about to take the Rue Napoleon which will lead you to Grasse.
So, what’s so great about this road? 100 km of bends, drawn with a compass, on a wide perfectly paved road will whet the wrist of even the calmest Sunday driver.

And still in ecstasy from the magnificent bends of Rue Napoleon, you will have time for a final farewell to Nice.
Don’t worry, it’s not an ‘adieu’ but only an ‘arrivederci’ to this land which has seduced poets, painters, artists... and every biker who has had the good fortune to experience it on his motorcycle!

Day 1 Travel: Rome-Sanremo

Total: 650 km, approximately 7 hours riding.

Description of the day:

We’re off!
Once you’ve picked up your BMW rented bike from our Tourent Centre, you will head north towards Civitavecchia. Today is transfer day, when each participant will independently reach Sanremo, the parting point of the guided tour.
You can choose the pace and the stops, we suggest that you have a good pause in Pisa, combining lunch with a visit to the magnificent Piazza dei Miracoli.
If, however, you prefer to avoid the city, a good lunch by the sea in Versilia is just the thing for a few relaxing hours before proceeding to Sanremo, the city of flowers.
In Sanremo you can dine in one of the recommended restaurants and stay in the hotel we have booked for you.

What to see Pisa, Versilia, Sanremo

Day 2: Sanremo-Nice

Total: 120/180 km, roughly 3.5 / 5 hours riding.

Description of the day:

At 9.00 a.m. you will meet your motorcycle guide who will pick you up at your hotel
At 10.00 a.m. the guided tour will begin officially with the meeting of all the participants.
We will move away immediately from the busy Aurelia to face the first bends, cross over the French border and arrive in Menton, where there will be lunch and a brief tour of the town.
The trip will continue along the splendid landscapes of the Cote d’Azur to Eze, where we will stop for coffee and a tour of the medieval town.
A trip to the headland of Cap Ferrat and then you can choose to either stop at Nice to visit this splendid city or to stay on your bike and proceed along the Gorges du Vesubie.
Dinner and overnight stay in Nice.

What to see Menton, Eze, Cap Ferrat, Nizza

Day 3: Nice Saint-Tropez

Total: 160 km approximately 4 hours riding.

Description of the day:

Today we’re going to discover the stretch of cote d’Azur between Nice and Saint Tropez. The itinerary is mostly along the coast, but we will hop inland now and then to admire the splendid ‘entreterre’.
Our first stop will be in Antibes, to visit the medieval town and the lively Provencale market. Then a ramble along the Croisette de Cannes, for a worldly touch, and finally a fine dose of road bends, exploring the Massif du Esterel.
After lunching along the coast, we will move inland to reach Saint Tropez along a beautiful road immersed in lush greenery.
Whatever is left of the afternoon will be dedicated to visiting Saint Tropez and the fortress.
Dinner and overnight near Saint Tropez

What to see Antibes, Cap d’Antibes, il massif du Esterel, Port Grimaud, Saint Tropez

Day 4: Saint-Tropez Marseille

Total: 220 km, approximately 5 hours riding.

Description of the day:

During the morning we will explore a lesser known part of Cote d’Azur, practically hopping from coast road to inland ones, alternating glimpses of coast and green landscapes.
We’ll stop at Hyeres, our departure point to reach the Porquerolles islands, before doing a brief patch of motorway in order to reach the Parc National des Calanques quickly.
As the area is partly closed to traffic, we will admire the narrow inlets and crystalline waters from above and proceed to Marseilles in the late afternoon.
Tour of the city, dinner and overnight in Marseilles.

What to see Saint Tropez point, and the Massif de Maures, Parc National des Calanques, Marseilles

Day 5: Marseille-Avignon

Total: 300 km, approx. 6 hours riding.

Description of the day:

Leaving Marseilles quite early, we will head for Aix en Provence, to visit the city centre and the traditional Provencale market, considered the most beautiful of the region.
The day will continue in the Parc National de la Camargue where we will wander around admiring the wild landscapes of this uncontaminated corner of Provence.
We’ll arrive in Saintes Maries de la Mer, and stop over for lunch.
The afternoon is dedicated to discovering Arles, an important Roman town and font of inspiration of poets and artists, including the great Vincent Van Gogh.
Arrival in late afternoon in Avignon, dinner and overnight.

What to see Aix en Provence, la Camargue, Saintes Maries de la mer, Arles, Avignon.

Day 6: Avignon

Total: 0/ 160/220 km indicatively 0/3 / 4.5 hours riding.

Description of the day:

You can spend your stop-over visiting the beautiful town of Avignon, strolling along by the river, and visiting the Papal Palace or the civic museums.
If instead, you want to stay in the saddle, the guide will accompany you to Mont Ventoux, the highest peak of the region, for a day full of twists and turns, or to discover the Gorges d’Ardeche, a perfect mix of loops and landscapes. We have lots of alternatives and the group and guide together will choose the best destination for a half or whole-day itinerary with departure from and arrival back in Avignon.
Dinner and overnight in Avignon.

Day 7: Avignon-Valensole

Total: 220 km, approximately 5 hours riding.

Description of the day:

Today is given to the exploration of the Luberon region, with alternating never-ending hills, mountains, and highlands.
It will be wonderful to let yourself go and follow the bike, wander through the countryside, enjoy the smells and visit the splendid villages perched around the region.
We will hit Menerbes, Lacoste, Bonnieux, Gordes, the ochre quarries of Roussillon and admire the never-ending fields of lavender in the Valensole highlands.
Dinner and overnight in Valensole.

What to see the villages of Bonnieux, Lacoste and Menerbes, Senanque Abbey and the fields of lavender in bloom.

Day 8: Valensole-Nice

Total: 260 km, approximately 5.5 hours riding.

Description of the day:

This day will be totally dedicated to nature and the magnificent Gorges de Verdon, the deepest canyon of Europe.
Fantastic roads, bends that might have been drawn with a compass, post-card views and continuing amazement the whole day through.
We will make our first stop at Castellane, the perfect starting point for exploring the two sides of the canyon, on the right bank, Route des Cretes which runs alongside the river and then rises in altitude, offering us splendid views of the valley up to Saint Croix lake, where we will stop for lunch.
In the afternoon, we will follow the left bank of the river, the so-called Corniche Sublime... with a name like that, no need to explain! Subsequently we will take the Route Napoleon, magnificent road to be enjoyed as far as Grasse, the perfume city.
Before returning to Nice, there will be time to visit the medieval village of Saint Paul de Vence, the refuge of numerous local artists.
Dinner and overnight stay in Nice.

What to see Le Gorge du Verdon, Route des Cretes, Corniche Sublime, Route Napoleon, Saint Paul de Vence, Nice.

Day 9: Nice-Rapallo

Total: 340 km, approximately 6 hours riding.

Description of the day:

Sadly, it’s time to return to Italy, but we’ll do it in grand style, through the magnificent Alpine passes that mark the borders between the two countries.
Col de Braus, Col De Turini, Col de la Lombards, Colle di Tenda, we will have so many to choose from for our return to Italy!
Lots of twists and turns before arriving in Cuneo, in the early afternoon.
The guided tour will finish here, and after saying our farewells to guide and travelling companions, you can continue your journey towards Rome.
The next stage is Rapallo, pearl of the Liguria Riviera and a perfect starting point to visit Portofino.
A good dinner along the sea-front will be the perfect ending to your holiday!
Overnight in Rapallo.

What to see Sospel, Alpine Passes, Rapallo, Portofino.

Day 10: Rapallo-Roma

Total: 500 km, approximately 6 hours riding.

Description of the day:

Leaving in the early morning for Rome, you with have about 500 km in front of you and you can choose whether to make a long stop in Florence, have lunch and go for a stroll through the city centre, or perhaps spend some hours exploring the Cinque Terre.
In either case, we are sure you will return to Rome, happy about the fantastic experience that you have just had!
After handing back the motorcycle to Tourent, a Roman aperitif is just the thing to recall the best moments of your trip.

What to see Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome.

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