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Costiera Amalfitana – Pompei 3 day

  • Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
  • DepartureRome, any date
  • Arrival: Rome
  • TitlePompei and the Amalfi Coast
  • Tour price: 400 € double room (eg: 705 € with motorcycle BMW F 650 GS, HELMETS, BAGS, GPS)
  • Recommended period: From March until November
  • Highlights: coast views, archaeology, beautiful, fun roads

General description of the tour:

From the Amalfi coast to unique Pompeii, a great 3-day trip that offers you the perfect mix of nature, archaeology, worldliness and thought.
The Amalfi coast is a unique place where small towns hang from majestic mountains, overlooking the sea. Everything here is more intense, a word, alive!
Visiting the Amalfi Coast on a motorcycle is an amazing experience. The views and the landscapes change after every bend offering you new surprises every time.
Sorrento with its irregular and jagged coastline, Amalfi with its Duomo church, or Positano with its white houses. Which one will be your favourite?
Before heading back to Rome, let yourself drift back into the past visiting Pompeii and its ruins, where time stopped on the 24th August 79 A.D., the day of the eruption of Vesuvius.

Day 1 Travel: Rome - Itri - Sperlonga - Gaeta – Sorrento

Description of the day:

Once you have picked up the BMW motorcycle you rented from the Tourent centre, you will leave Rome and its busy roads behind you, heading happily towards the South.
Once in Ceprano we'll leave the motorway and continue our adventure on the beautiful road that winds through the Aurunci Mountain National Park, going through Itri and then up to Sperlonga, the gem of the coasts of Lazio.
Beautiful road with little traffic, alternate amusing curves surprising views of the Riviera of Ulysses, from Circeo to Gaeta.
A beautiful road and not too busy, where surprising landscapes alternate with fun turns along Riviera di Ulisse, from Circeo to Gaeta. It's now time to enter the region of Campania and move toward Sorrento for our first glimpse of what we are about to see along the coastline.

Total: 320 km, approximately 6 h on the motorcycle

Day 2 Travel: Sorrento - Positano - Ravello – Monti Lattari – Maiori – Amalfi

Description of the day:

The Amalfi Coast will be the high point of our day.
From Sorrento to Amalfi, on a winding road and the discovery of the rarest places on the will have no idea where to look anymore, the sea will be on your right, then on your left, there's a cliff after a bend,, then a mountain, or a tiny deserted beach.
Two are the things you have to do: keep your camera at hand and plan many stops...amazement will be your companion for the day.

How you decide to spend the day – walking among the white houses of Positano, the alleys in Amalfi, the waterfront of Maiori, or even going for refreshing swim in the crystal clear water and relax on the beach – is entirely up to you.
Instead, if you prefer biking, the Lattari Mountains will be the best attraction for your needs, up and down long the roads, dancing between the sea and the mountains, before heading back to Amalfi for a well-deserved aperitif in front of the Duomo church.

Total: 100 km, approximately 3,5 h on the motorcycle

What to see Sorrento, Marina del Cantone, Positano, Ravello, Maiori, Amalfi

Day 3 Travel: Minori - Maiori - Pompei – la Reggia di Caserta – Cassino – Rome

Description of the day:

Close your eyes and then open them again, facing eternity, this is what it feels like when you're in Pompei.
Don't rush it though, there's still some coastline to enjoy: Minori, Maiori up until Vietri: a few pictures and a lot of smiles to greet this magnificent land.
In Pompeii, you will see what a real Roman city looked like at the time, just hours before the terrible eruption of Vesuvius...a once in a lifetime experience!
If you're not interested in archaeology, you can choose to walk all the way up to the top of Vesuvius, almost to the main crater which looks over the whole Neapolitan region.
Or you could go and visit the Palace of Caserta, the biggest royal Palace in the world.
Your Amalfi Coast tour is almost over, but do not despair. You can still enjoy the magic of the eternal City long after you hand over the motorcycle.

300 km, approximately 5 h on the motorcycle

What to see Minori, Maiori, Pompeii, Palace of Caserta

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