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We receive customers only by appointment. Standard times for appointments and contact are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

APPOINTMENT ONLY, 7 days a week from 09:00 to 18:00 SATURDAY AFTERNOON,
SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS: by appointment only and with "SDH" supplement at a cost of € 50.

Central Rome head-office shop address Via Domenico CASSINI N° 20 CAP 00197 Roma

Yes, only if have previously agreed to the SEO2 or SEO4 supplements, which postpone the delivery by 2 and 4 hours. The cost is 15€ and 30€. Otherwise, we strongly suggest you return the motorcycle during opening hours so as not to incur in any additional costs or damage when the motorcycle is not insured.

All TOURENT motorcycles are insured for Civil Liability according to current laws. The Civil Liability guarantees insurance cover of RC for third part, referring to persons, things (excluding those being transported), and animals in the listed territories of the ‘green list’ attached to the insurance policy. The ‘massimale RC unico complessivo’ (comprehensive liability???Da controllare termini ufficiali in inglese) is the same, if not superior to the that established by Italian law. In the case of accident damage caused by the client and theft caused by third parties, moreover, a “full risk” insurance policy with deductible is always provided for every rented motorcycle. The customer pays the full deductible cost established and withheld as security deposit according to the type of motorcycle rented.
For each type of motorcycle rented, it is possible to take advantage of the SDR supplement which reduces by 50% the standard security deposit/deductible.

Depending on the type motorcycle chosen, at the moment of receiving the vehicle you will be required to leave a security deposit/deductible of between €800 and €2000. This security deposit/deductible will be held as guarantee on your credit card. When you return the motorcycle, in time and without damage, theft or fines, the security deposit/deductible will be released. It is possible for those resident in Italy, in special cases or for those registered with Tourent Club (old customers) to pay the security deposit/deductible by cheque or cash. For each type of motorcycle rented, it is possible to take advantage of the SDR supplement which reduces by 50% the standard security deposit/deductible.

Yes, through the Supplement for Deposit Reduction (SDR). The SDR is valid only on the Italian territory. It reduces the amount of the deductible and the consequent Security Deposit by 50%, limiting the charge for damages caused during the rental period, including those from fire, total or partial theft of the vehicle. The SDR supplement costs 30 € / day.

All Tourent rentals include Civil Liability and Full Risk (with deductible) insurance, a DOT helmet for the pilot and a top case. The motorcycles are equipped with an ASUS disc block lock and alarm, supplied by the manufacturers.

Yes, Tourent offers 8% group discount for bookings of at least 3 motorcycles. Other discounts for companies and tour operators. All discounts are non-transferable and cannot be combined with other promotions. Visit our facebook and instagram social pages to stay up to date.

To book a vehicle from Tourent you must pay a deposit of 30% of the presumed cost of rental. Bookings can be made on Internet by credit card (PayPal) or by bank transfer. If the booking is done directly in our office, you can pay in cash, by credit card, ATM card or debit card.
E’ possible to pay the balance of the rental either in cash, by Atm card or credit card with Visa, MasterCard, American Express circuits and debit cards.
For the SECURITY DEPOSIT it is obligatory to use a credit card on Visa, MasterCard and American Express circuits. Only in exceptional cases, for those resident in Italy and members of the Tourent Social Club, it is possible to pay the Security Deposit by non transferrable bank transfer.

Our rental rates are based on 24 hour time-slots. If you collect your motorcycle at 9.00a.m. it must be returned by 9.00 a.m. final day of rental. The rates are made up of a basic rate to which is added the NUMBER OF KILOMETRES travelled or KILOMETRE DISCOUNT PACKET and/or ACCESSORY DISCOUNT PACKET and/or single accessories. Some examples...

  • You can choose to add the kilometers you have traveled to the BASIC RATE at a cost of € 0.24 / km (100 km traveled cost € 24) or alternatively the discounted mileage packages of 120 km / day at a cost of € 25 (Touring120), of 240 Km / day at a cost of € 50 (Touring240), unlimited mileage at a cost of € 60 (Unlimited). The above rates apply to all Tourent motorcycles.
  • You can also add, to the BASIC RATE, both the Comfort Package (which includes side bags, a jacket and a passenger helmet at a cost of € 15 / day) and individual accessories (such as GPS for € 12 / day), and additional Services (such as SDR, for the reduction of the Security Deposit).

The tourent BASIC RATES offer a decreasing cost based on the number of rental days: if, for example, you rent a BMW F 310 GS for 8 days, the first day of rental at the basic rate is €60 while the 8th day is €25. The other rates are however fixed, for example, the Touring 120 kilometre packet is €25 both on first and all rental days.

There is also a BASIC RATE on offer for three days of rental.
The rate kilometers Unlimited you can only apply for a minimum of four days rentals.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

You must be 25 years old or over and have the equivalent of a European “A license” for at least 18 months. There is no age limit for the passenger who must, however, be able to reach the foot-pegs comfortably with their feet, while seated.

For all motorcycle rentals at Tourent, You must be 25 years old or over and have the equivalent of a European “A license” for at least 18 months in order to ride one of our motorcycles. The European “A” license must be valid for a mechanical gear motorcycle of at least 600 cc and of at least 40kw power. Therefore, European citizens do not need an international license, while for all extra-European citizens, an valid equivalent international license is necessary. International laws also allow extra-European citizen to drive in Italy with their license legally translated provided that it have equivalent characteristics as the European “A” license. Make sure you have the required license, otherwise we cannot deliver the motorcycle and your booking deposit will not be refunded.

European citizens:

  • A valid “A” license in your possession for at least 18 months;
  • Credit Card for the Security Deposit/deductible, Spider cards are not accepted.
  • Social Security card; VAT registration number.
  • A valid ID document

Extra-European Citizens:

  • A valid international license or legally translated personal license, valid for a mechanical gear motorcycle of at least 600 cc and of at least 40kw power.
  • Passport
  • Credit Card for the Security Deposit/deductible, Spider cards are not accepted.
  • Other ID documents.

to book a rented vehicle from Tourent online you must pay a deposit of 20% of the estimated total cost of the rental, by credit card (PayPal) of bank draft. The booking estimate can be made automatically using the estimate calculator on our website or by emailing us. By coming directly to our offices, you can ask for an estimate and book directly by bancomat /credit card, cash or cheque. Keep in mind that Tourent receives by appointment only.

  • Automatic estimate calculator: 20% deposit by credit card:
    It performs on-line through the "reservation" system that initiates the inquiry and a confirmation email reservation that will be broadcast by the Tourent staff. Along with the confirmation email you will be sent the Paypal code that will allow you to pour the 20% deposit by credit card on the PayPal Circuit.
    Credit Cards accepted for the online booking (only through PayPal): Visa, Visa Electron Mastercard, American Express.
  • Automatic Estimate Calculator: 20% deposit by bank draft:
    this is done online through our Booking System which starts the booking procedure and a confirmation will be sent to you by email from our Staff in Tourent. Attached to the confirmation email, you will receive the bank details of Tourent through which you can pay the 20% deposit.
  • Booking request through our contact email: Deposit off 20%
    Send in a request via Email, indicating the motorcycle, the km packet, the accessory packet and desired services and period. We will reply as soon as possible with a summary of the rental details and the bank details or PayPal code in order to pay the deposit.

You can change the rental period free of charge if it’s the first time and at least 72 hours before the originally booked period. The customer must contact us by email to inform us of the change of rental period. The rental period you want to change can’t be later than 12 months after the communication of the change. TOURENT will then change the booking to the new period set by the customer and the motorcycles available in that same period. The paid deposit will be kept and used for the new booked period.

Italian law doesn’t require an exit clause for rentals. In order to help its customers Tourent offers the possibility of cancelling a booking on these conditions:
Cancellation communicated from the date of booking up to 7 days before the rental start date: Repayment to the Client equal to 50% of the advance paid.
Cancellation communicated between the booking date and up to 7 days before the official rental period:the Customer will receive a refund of 50% of the paid deposit. Cancellation communicated during the 7 days before the rental: the customer will lose the whole deposit.

Yes, Once you’ve checked-in at our office and you pick up the motorcycle, the Staff of Tourent will give detailed instruction of all you need to know about the chosen vehicle. The instructions include: a complete inspection of the motorcycle, detailed instructions on the vehicle – turning on and off, brakes positions, blinkers, emergency lights, stereo, side bags, motorcycle alarm for discs and wheels, storing and where to keep all necessary documents of the motorcycle. Please remember to ask us all the questions you need to know in order to feel safe about your experience before you leave our office.

Yes. One further driver is allowed through the SSD supplement at a cost of €12 per day. The second rider must meet the same requirements as the rider named in the contract. This first rider is the jointly and severally liable holder of the rental contract, and is therefore responsible for any consequences deriving from the actions of the second rider authorised by him.

Can I cross international borders with my rented motorcyle? It is possible to cross national borders with your rented motorcycle but you must communicate your intention to do so at the moment of booking, otherwise you risk the immediate dissolution of your booking and rental without refund. The Supplental Liability Insurance HAS NO VALIDITY beyond Italian borders.

All Tourent motorcycles are delivered for pick-up with a full tank and must be dropped off with a full tank. If there should be less than a full tank at time of pick-up, there should be the same amount, indicated by the fuel tank gauge of the motorcycle. At the moment of delivery the quantity of fuel present in the motorcycle being rented is indicated in the rental contract. At drop off if there is less fuel than that indicated in contract, you must compensate by paying for the missing fuel. To avoid the bother and waste of time regarding this, please make sure that there is the same quantity as stated in the contract.

Yes, both helmet and top box are always included in the motorcycle rental. It is possible to rent passenger helmet, bags and other accessories separately

All Tourent rented motorcycles come with both top box and helmet (modular or demi jet) included,
It is possible to rent original BMW side bags tank bags and waterproof clothes bags. All bags can be rented either singly or through the cheaper Touring Packet.

Even though they are not standard rental items, it is possible to rent intercom helmets at €10/day.

If you order a Tourent GPS at €15/day as part of your rental packet, we will connect it directly to the motorcycle for you.

Rain suits can be bought at our head-office but we do not rent them.

It is possible to rent jackets.

Unfortunately there is such a vast variety of electronic devices that we cannot offer an installation service. We will, however be available to give you a hand and tools necessary to install your equipment but you must bring docking leads that are compatible with the motorcycle you are renting. Fitted with wiring Tourent offers a GPS navigator which you can add to your booking for €15/day, suitable for the electronic system of the motorcycle and fitted with up to date maps, and where requested, with the places of interest already available,

Yes, if we are talking about light luggage, one or two bags, and it’s free.

Yes, Tourent with put you in touch with approved hotels or B&B’s.

All Tourent BMW models offer lockable saddlebags and top boxes. The other ‘soft’ types of extra accessories are not lockable. Tourent strongly advises against leaving valuables and other precious article in your motorcycle during the night or when you leave your motorcycle alone for long periods of time.

Yes, we invite you to visit our online salesroom on our homepage in the Featured Offers section.. Tourent offers their own used motorcycles for sale after a few years...

Make sure that your motorcycle is parked at a safe distance from the shoulder of the road if you are not able to stop in a secure area. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the repair of a flat tyre. You are moreover OBLIGED TO INFORM the Tourent office where you picked up the motorcycle of the flat tyre for obvious reasons of safety and support of the vehicle.

In the event of a red light lighting up on the dashboard of the motorcycle, the customer must stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and the ignition and immediately alert the Tourent agency where the motorcycle was picked up. You will receive instructions on how to proceed.

In the event of loss or theft of the keys and/or the licence plate of the rented vehicle, the customer must immediately report the fact to the competent authorities and then send the original police report directly to Tourent. The customer is liable for the costs sustained by Tourent of duplication/delivery of a second key and/or the re-issue of the licence plate. He is also liable for the equivalent cost of rental even for the days when the motorcycle was out of action.
In the event of the loss of the key only of the rented vehicle and should the customer not send the original police report to TOURENT, once the drop off date of the vehicle indicated on the contract has passed, Tourent will take legal action to recover the vehicle and the customer will be liable to cover, not only all the costs sustained in the recovery, but also the related costs of rental equivalent (calculated up to the moment in which the vehicle is again available for rental, as well as the cost of replacing the key.

In the case of a fine, the customer must personally look after the immediate payment of any traffic violations caused by him during the rental period and supply proof of payment of same to TOURENT.
In the event of a dispute after the drop off of the vehicle, to simplify things for the customer, Tourent will do everything in its power to pay the disputed fine within 5 days of formally receiving it in order to take advantage of the discount offered by National Law. Tourent will send a copy of payment after the rental contract, to the customer and he must refund the sum prepaid by Tourent including payment tax. However, in all cases, the customer is bound to refund payment of any fines and the fulfilment of any legal obligation attributable to him (for example, a report regarding the loss of points from his driving licence).

Immediately inform Tourent personnel of the fact by phone. It is obligatory for the customer to report the event to the competent authorities immediately. The original police report and the keys of the vehicleMUST BE delivered within 48 hours to the Tourent Agency from where the vehicle was rented. The customer is requested to collaborate fully with Tourent in the management of legal proceedings.
Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, any limitations or exclusion of responsibility previously in effect are no longer effective, and the customer will be charged for the entire value of the vehicle or the amount of damage , in the case of:

  • full or partial theft or damage from fire together with failure to return the keys of the vehicle.
  • Lack of observance of the rules due to gross negligence, malice or serious misconduct of the customer or his second rider.

Immediately inform Tourent personnel of the fact by phone, even in the case of minor damage, within 24 hours, sending the module CAI (available with the motorcycle documents), filled in together with the other party, or else it can be delivered simultaneously with the drop off of the vehicle if this is done within 24 hours of the event, in order to allow Tourent deal with the accident according to the artt. 1913 and 1915 of the Italian Civil Code;

  • Immediately inform the nearest Police Authority, in the event of the necessity to investigate third parties or in the event of injury of any party.
  • Do not declare responsibility in the event of uncertainty about the dynamics of the accident.
  • Note down names and address details and even telephone numbers of all parties and witnesses to the accident.
  • Supply TOURENT® with any other useful information of the accident
  • Follow the instructions which TOURENT® will give regarding the custody or repair of the vehicle or the forced drop off.

In the event of confiscation by the Judicial Authority caused by the customer, Tourent will charge the same customer with the daily cost of rental until the release of the vehicle as well as the cost of the agreed security deposit.
In the event that the total amount owed for the trial be equal to the market value of the vehicle, increased by the cost of transfer of the property...

Tourent motorcycles have a BMW warranty which offers assistance to both the motorcycle and the pilot. This might mean bringing the motorcycle to a nearby BMW or authorized garage, sending a team to fix it, or in the event that the spare parts are difficult to find, travel and transportation assistance. It is mandatory to call the 24h immediate assistance number provided by BMW and attached to all the documents of the motorcycle and to call Tourent in order to get back on the road as soon as possible. If the BMW assistance states that the rented motorcycle won't be operational in the following 48 hours and if it is feasible to do so, Tourent will supply the client with another motorcycle, with the same model if available. If not possible, Tourent will unquestionably determine whether to refund the client only the rental period left unused.

All Tourent motorcycles are serviced by the manufacturers according to their maintenance policy. The Staff of Tourent always checks the state of the motorcycles beforehand, levelling the engine and gear oil, greasing and regulating the chain (when present) and checking the pressure of the tyres. The oil of the engine, the gears and the chain are changed every 10000km in motorcycles with a gimbal. The customer is asked to take care of the greasing of the secondary transmissions (chain, gear ring and pinion), lubrication and oil of the engine and gears and brakes, making sure the rented vehicle is safe to travel with. There is usually no need to check the oil of the transmission and gears since the servicing done is more than enough, while it is necessary to regularly check the level of the engine oil by eye or using the oil bar supplied with the rented motorcycle. This has to be done every 1500km with the motorcycle standing perfectly vertical, on a plain surface and the engine cooled down ( at least ten minutes after turning the engine off). For all air cooled 1200 and for 800 motorcycles there is a difference of 500 gr between the low and full levels of the engine oil. While for all the BMW 1200 LC there is a difference of 1000gr between the low and full levels. When driving a chained motorcycle, the chain has to be tensed and greased every 1500km. Motorcycles have to be warmed up for about 4060 seconds before starting, and, after slowly starting, it will take about 3-4 minutes before reaching operational temperature, indicated on the displayed indicator.
Tourent is not responsible for damage caused by lack of maintenance or incorrect riding of the motorcycle, in fact, should that happen, the customer will be held fully responsible for their negligence.

If you know you'll be riding for many km please inform our Staff at Tourent when you are picking up the motorcycle. We will be happy to give a free Kg of engine oil suitable for the chosen model, grease for the chain (if a chain traction system is present) and quick practical instructions for the operations.

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