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The Defensive Driving a motorcycle: courses in Central Italy

The defensive driving (Or preventive) is a type of driving which has the purpose to anticipate the likely dangerous situations that may be encountered on the roads. A motorcyclist should always think of being an invisible subject to other vehicles and act accordingly, as if no one saw him arrive. It should therefore avoid giving discounted as some situations, even in acting first.
It is precisely the unconscious guide that generates the most accidents: with defensive driving it goes in the opposite direction, increasing their awareness and making clear road hazards differently and preventive. It also helps to learn how to prevent mistakes and those of others but especially ones own.
The base of a defensive driving course lies above all in awareness of his person and of his bike: knowing the characteristics it is possible to properly set an overtaking maneuver, or a braking or a lateral deviation, always maintaining the correct speed.
Preventive guide (someone also called anticipatory) also helps to take full awareness of one's limitations.
Defensive driving can provide different interpretations of certain situations: thus, having a vehicle behind you driven by a person who appears distracted by the mobile phone could be much more dangerous than having it in front of you. It is these small awarenesses that defensive driving suggests, trying to convey that something extra that no one teaches, if not the experience, study and "psychological" behavioral analysis of road users, whether they are other motorcyclists, motorists, truck drivers. , pedestrians or drivers of agricultural vehicles.
The defensive driving courses organized by us at Tourent are held in collaboration with the RunXFun Moto Club in Central Italy on scenic routes between Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo. It is also possible to participate in the basic course with the passenger who will learn many techniques to help guide the driver.

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