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BMW 1250 GS

-Rallye. Never nervous, excellent ergonomics, high handlebar arch, saddle distance high and comfortable. Variable saddle height and easy for practically anyone. One of the bikes on the market easier to drive. Now the GS 1250 is ready for the euro 5 regulation, receiving the "variable valve timing" of the intake valves, a new timing chain and a new exhaust system. Lower emissions and reduced consumption by 4% with lower mechanical noise, no perception of "step" in progression for the rider, a torque of 143 n / m and 136 hp at 7700 rpm. LED headlights, "TFT" instruments, "hill start controll", "cruise control" and no heat from the engine as in the GS 1200 Rallye. – Rallye. Mai nervosa, ergonomia eccellente, arco manubrio alto, distanza selle pedane alta e comoda. Altezza sella variabile e agevole praticamente per chiunque. Una delle moto in commercio più facile da guidare. Ora la GS 1250 è pronta per la normativa euro 5, ricevendo la “fasatura variabile” delle valvole di aspirazione, una nuova catena di distribuzione dentata e un nuovo impianto di scarico. Emissioni più contenute e consumi ridotti del 4% con minore rumorosità meccanica, nessuna percezione di “scalino” in progressione per il pilota, coppia di 143 n/m e 136 cv a 7700 giri. Fari a led, strumentazione “TFT”, “hill start controll”, “cruise control” e nessun calore dal motore come nella GS 1200 Rallye.

BMW R 1200 RT – LC
This motorcycle has the classic style of a Grand Tourism motorcycle, elegant and comfortable. Its uniform and easily usable bags offer an adequate amount of space, while its many little pockets give you all the room you need to keep and charge your smart-phone and all your technological wizardries. The fairings are wide and enveloping, adjustable electronic windscreen, low barycentre, excellent manoeuvrability even when turned off. All commands are clearly indicated. The latest version of the boxer engine offers 125 horse power and 7750 rpm still good standards which can give a great deal of energy and fun, even when riding with a passenger. Both have an autonomy of over 450 km. In spite of its weight and shape, besides looking beautiful, it really surprises you. It's a concentration of comfort, liveliness and efficiency you wouldn't expect. When driving on winding roads the feeling is incredible and you could drive for hours, while from a speed point of view it is remarkable. What stuns you the most is how easy it is to drive wherever you go, aside from the smoothness of the engine. The 1200RT of Tourent all come with ESA, ACS, engine pattern ( three in the last version: RAIN, Road and Dynamic).

BMW 1200 GS RALLYE 2018
The boxer engine is right there with its big cylinders asimetticlly pumping from under the tank, same goes for its beak, just like it has been for the last 25 years. The differenced box are that the engine is liquid and air cooled and it has 125 horse power. Through a handy knob you can also adjust the windscreen of the GS 1200 with one hand. Luggage and top case are expandable through a switch in order to have more or less space depending on whether you're travelling on the road or in urban areas. Our motorcycles also come with protected cylinders, led lights and blinkers.
In the Rallye 2018, we have a metallic lupine blau paintwork, painted decorations on the tank sides and the frame treated with powder paint in the color cordoba blau. Added to this are the enduro platforms, the crossed spoked rims and the side guards of the frame. Automatic stability control ASC (Automatic Stability Control) on "Rain" and "Road". "Driving mode Pro" which includes the additional driving modes "Dynamic" and "Dynamic Pro", "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro", Dynamic Traction Control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) includes the new assistance system in starting Hill Start Control to facilitate the start uphill, as well as the ABS Pro (also controls the inclination) and BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA "Next Generation" (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), with the cushioning that automatically adapts to the conditions momentary. Cruise control, color TFT screen and GPS complete the equipment.

The lines are reminiscent of those of the BMW 1250 GS. The engine is a parallel twin of 853 cc, as in the 750 GS but the horsepower is 95 to 6000 g / m. The pair is 92 NM, close to those of the boxerone. The perimeter frame is made of steel anchored to the engine. Spoked wheels for tubeless tires with pressure sensors, three BREMBO disc brakes with “cornering ABS” system, wide handlebar with hand guards and general dimensions increased compared to that of the F 800 GS. The 21 "front wheel has the usual gyroscopic effect but is beautifully compensated by the great stability and ergonomics both on the fast and on the mixed tight. The center of gravity is now lower than in the past, the SHOWA suspension works perfectly in any condition, the bodywork cover is functional even beyond 130 km / h, the driving is smooth and the position is typical of large crossovers with a very comfortable seat both for the pilot and the passenger. The original bags supplied are the same as the 1250 GS. It is equipped with an anti-skidding system, a TFT color dashboard and headlights and full led lights. At the wheel he remembers the 1200GS but with about 30 kg less and the consumption is a record, the house shows 4 liters per 100 km. The steering is equipped with a shock absorber and now you do not need to be at least 180 cm tall with the features of the optional saddles, high from 81 to 86 cm from the ground: if you are 170 cm tall you can touch with your feet comfortably on the ground…

BMW GS 750 F
With this series F, the Strasse Gelande family expands further! Not just the “boxerone” to represent the top technological status of the BMW GS series. For all F series the engine is 850 cc and for this BMW F 750 GS the horsepower about 80 to 7,500 rpm, ... certainly not for "entry level". The engine works well, compared to the sister F 700 GS the tank has moved from the rear to the front. The front wheel is 19 ", the perimeter frame is made of steel, the suspensions are reactive like the most famous in the market and the fork never goes into crisis. Record consumption of 24/25 km liter. Electronic throttle control, three Brembo brakes and a deactivable BMW ABS system, LED headlamps and a tall fairing. On the highway the fairing along with the fairing cover perfectly. The shelter of the legs is excellent, the driving position is typical of crossovers. The bike is agile, dynamic and fast with a high level of road holding and a great feeling of safety. You do it a hundred meters and if you're comfortable and with the three BMW Vario bags you can afford every type of travel: they have the same volumes as those of the big sister.

The new Honda Africa Twin 1100cc with parallel twin-cylinder engine has been further improved thanks to a lighter weight and an increase of 6 Nm of maximum torque and 7HP more for a smooth and unstoppable ride.

Its rally-derived chassis, combined with the revised engine, allows the new Africa Twin to be able to tackle previously unthinkable terrain.

Six selectable Riding Modes, HSTC traction control, ABS Cornering and anti Wheelie, 6.5 ”TFT touch screen with Apple Carplay, Bluetooth connection and Cruise Control have been added to the bike.

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